Clearing and adjustment

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"I liked the sound of the course, claims of high student satisfaction and that the University is a campus."

Weronika Rakowska

Geography with Economics

What circumstances lead to you entering the Adjustment process?

I got better grades than I expected so I wanted to explore any other options, different from what I had already chosen.

Where did you go for help and support?

Mainly the UCAS service, but also Student Room and my mum.

How did you first make contact with Loughborough?

On results day, I found a course which interested me at Loughborough so I rang up the University via the phone number they had put up for clearing and adjustment students.

Why did you choose Loughborough?

I loved Loughborough’s location in the Midlands which is right next to Nottingham, where I initially intended on living in. I also liked the sound of the course, claims of high student satisfaction and that the University is a campus.

Once you had your place, what happened next?

I immediately got sent lots of information about starting at the University including course inductions, accommodation and what to expect. This made me feel like I was really accepted and that I had been intending to go there all along.

What made you choose the course you did?

I wanted to do a degree which wouldn’t close any doors for me as I still haven’t decided a clear path for my future, hence I thought Geography with Economics was a broad enough subject to achieve this. On top of this, I enjoyed geography at school so wanted to continue with it and I wanted to learn the principles of economics as it has always interested me, but I have never studied it before.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The modules I study are really interesting and expand perfectly on what I was interested in at school. I also like the fact that my course is not too heavily weighted on exams as I also enjoying spending time writing an essay that I can put a lot of work into.

What do you enjoy about the experience of being at Loughborough?

Coming from a big city (London) the experience of living in a much smaller town has been really fun. Everything is on your door step including shops, clubs and even a cinema! The freedom of living away from home is also very exciting. 

Have you got any advice for students Adjustment students this year?

Don’t rush into a decision as it will determine the next 3 or 4 years of your life, so put some thought into it, but I would definitely consider adjustment as an option if you do better than you expected on results day!

Ronnie's Story

Geography with Economics student, Weronika Rakowska, shares her experience of the adjustment process and why she chose to come to Loughborough after receiving better grades than expected.