Clearing and adjustment

Student stories

"Being an on-campus University was appealing and the overall reputation of Loughborough will enhance my employability in the future"

Sandeep Dhillon

Accounting & Financial management

What circumstances lead to you entering the Clearing process?

I was credited better results than I had anticipated which naturally led me to explore my options. I knew entering the clearing process potentially could enhance my academic future so I decided to give it a shot.   

Where did you go for help and support?

The careers and academic support services at the college which I attended gave me the advice and guidance I needed alongside with family members and friends.

When and how did you first make contact with Loughborough?

I started researching different universities at the time when students were beginning to start their UCAS applications. It was at this point I came across Loughborough.

Why did you choose Loughborough?

A combination of different reasons. The quality of teaching is highly ranked in the course I wished to study and this was a motivational factor for me.

My passion for sport and competitive nature encouraged me also because I knew there would be people who share this common interest.

Being an on campus University was appealing and the overall the reputation of the University will enhance my employability in the future. 

What factors made you choose the course you did?

I have a huge interest in Finance. Most of my A-Levels consisted of Business and Mathematic related subjects. The first year of the programme at Loughborough had a diverse range of modules which I felt could benefit me in learning new concepts which I would not get the opportunity to do otherwise in comparison to other degree programmes.

The placement year also contributed to my selection because a lack of industry experience is a threat which impacts many students in the real world. The fact my programme included a compulsory placement encouraged me to apply to this programme.

Once you had your place, what happened next?

I realised hard work pays off and was ready to tackle the new challenges and experiences awaiting me. I was given an accommodation offer which met my preferences despite applying through clearing.

What do you enjoy about your course?

Module content is taught thoroughly and support and guidance is provided in all aspects of the course.

The lecturers were insightful and Lecturers were always available and quick to answer questions in person or through email. 

Meeting new people and organising study groups enabled me to study in a way which improved both my communication skills and team working ability.

What do you enjoy about the wider experience of being at Loughborough?

Athletics Union basketball allowed me to compete at high levels and enhance my skills on the court. I was able to reach goals and establish new ones as a result of the opportunities available. 

The fact that there are so many societies and sports to get involved in made the first year experience so much more enjoyable for me. For example going on a sports tour was one of the best experiences of my life despite the 26 hours of travelling to Spain! 

Have you got any advice for students who might go through Clearing/Adjustment this year?

Focus on attaining the grade requirements because they are the passport to gaining access to your degree programme.

On results day be ready and act sharply when contacting different universities. Be confident and prepared to answer questions you may possibly be asked when trying to gain access to a specific course.

Download the Telegraph clearing application to see a wide array of different courses and number available to call.     

Believe you can achieve regardless of your circumstances. If you get rejected at first, which was the case with me, don’t let that dishearten you and remember there is still a chance for you to secure a place.