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An Interview with Jordan Ali

Information Management and Business student Jordan Ali discusses his experience of applying to Loughborough through Clearing.

Jordan Ali

Information Management and Business

What circumstances lead to you entering the Clearing process?

I had just finished my first year at a different university and due to various reasons, I decided to leave and as this was in August at the time which meant I entered through the Clearing process.

Where did you go for help and support?

I had remained very close with the school I attended for my A-Levels and so I was able to rely on their guidance and my Classics teacher when it came to finding someone to write me a reference.

When and how did you first make contact with Loughborough?

I first made contact as soon as the Clearing places had opened. I had seen several courses on the UCAS page that I was interested in at Loughborough and so it was just a case of phoning the admissions department and formally applying through Clearing.

Why did you choose Loughborough?

As soon as I left my previous place of study, I knew Loughborough would be the only university in the UK I would consider due to the sporting element. As a high achieving endurance athlete, the fact that British athletics are based here was integral to my decision making.

What factors made you choose the course you did?

Two. The first was the enjoyment I would get out of studying it and the second was the likelihood that I would graduate with a first.

As much as I loved studying History during my A-Levels, I knew that I would not be willing to read outside my period of interest and so it would be highly unlikely that I could gain a degree classification that would make me employable in the industry I wanted to work in once I had graduated.

Once you had your place, what happened next?

I received conformation through emails and letters and soon after a welcome pack from the University entailing dates and recommendations for the best ways to be prepared for university life.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The practical applications of a lot of the modules mean that there is some actual relevance to the workplace and so I feel my employability is greatly enhanced as a result.

What do you enjoy about the wider experience of being at Loughborough?

The main reason I am here is the sporting facilities and so that is the greatest enjoyment I have outside of my course. Outside of America, the facilities here are comfortably the best of any European university and so it’s something that adds a great deal of value to the Loughborough experience.

As someone used to live in London, it is also quite reassuring to be only 70 minutes away from St. Pancras on the train.

Have you got any advice for students who might go through Clearing/Adjustment this year?

My main advice would be to be patient about finding the perfect course for you - don't just take anything because it’s the next best option. Take a year out if need be because the financial investment is vast.