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An Interview with Fiona McRoberts

Drama student Fiona McRoberts discusses her experience of applying to Loughborough through Clearing.

Fiona McRoberts


What circumstances lead to you entering the Clearing process?

I never actually applied to university, but instead applied to drama schools.  Though I had been offered a place on two separate courses, I decided that I wanted to go to university instead.  I had looked at Loughborough and attended an open day and had achieved the grades required to attend so I thought that I would apply through clearing. I was able to do this as one of the drama schools I had applied for was through UCAS.

Where did you go for help and support?

My parents and the parents of my friends, alongside one of my subject teachers.

When and how did you first make contact with Loughborough?

I called Loughborough on results day during the morning.

Why did you choose Loughborough?

I had already viewed the University and knew about my course, but it was also the opportunities to join in with new sports that drew me here.

What factors made you choose the course you did?

I already knew what was on offer and the variety of different modules which would allow me to expand my skills and knowledge.

Once you had your place, what happened next?

I applied for accommodation, did everything that I needed to do with regards to securing a place at University, then just sat back and waited as it was no longer in my hands.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The modules and the ability to choose what I do.  Alongside that there is the social nature of my course that I enjoy. It has allowed me to build in confidence throughout my time at University.

What do you enjoy about the wider experience of being at Loughborough?

The opportunities to try something new, alongside the student life which is easy going and easy to get involved with.

Have you got any advice for students who might go through Clearing/Adjustment this year?

Don’t panic! There is always someone there to help, either on the phone or in person.