Clearing and adjustment

Student stories

"I saw Loughborough had the exact courses I was after in Clearing. Knowing its high positioning in the league tables, I didn't hesitate to apply"

Sarah Loftus

Social Psychology

Why I chose Loughborough

I came down to visit the next day with the thought that I was already going to accept the offer, as I was really interested in the Social Psychology course. I met with the course leader who I had spoken to on the phone, and he made the course and department both very appealing. I also met the Rag Exec who showed me round the union and introduced me to the other Unions Execs, which made it seem a very welcoming and friendly university. The key reason I chose Loughborough was for the sport, as this is a main aspect of my life and ultimately that attracted me to the university. 


Being inspired

Loughborough has definitely inspired me in many ways; even being on such an acclaimed and spectacular campus can inspire you to work hard.

My studies have definitely inspired me to realise that there are so many options in both Drama and English which require so many different skills. As the course is so wide-ranging, I have gained a multitude of different skills and developed my general knowledge - something which will definitely help me in my professional career.

The Loughborough Experience

Having the chance to direct the finalist Theatre Practice production confirmed my passion for both directing and production, and allowed me to develop and learn new skills. I have been involved in the Stage Society throughout my whole degree and it has offered me the opportunity to perform, direct, do backstage and marketing work, and take on a committee role.

The skills I have learnt have been invaluable and are strengths which are vital within the industry. I have also made my closest friends through the Stage Society and I have been inspired by people's dedication and commitment towards extra-curricular work.

I was also able to do volunteer work through the University's Action programme, doing weekly drama classes for adults with learning difficulties and putting on two shows with them. I learnt so much from this opportunity and it is something which I am extremely proud of and will never forget.