Clearing and adjustment

Student stories

Anita Luo

Materials Engineering

What circumstances led to you entering the Clearing process?

I decided to go through Clearing as I wanted to change my course. I had researched my options and discussed it with family and friends, and decided to change due to careers prospects. As the process was so smooth and easy, it didn’t feel too daunting to make the switch either. 

Where did you go for help and support?

In choosing my new course I visited the UCAS website to find out more and research my options.

Once I had decided on Loughborough there was a lot of support available, such as the online chat for international students and the blogs created by existing students. 

Why did you choose Loughborough?

I chose Loughborough University because it had a good ranking across league tables for my subject of study, Materials Engineering. The careers support from the University also looked great. 

What factors made you choose the course you did?

I chose this course because of the career opportunities it would provide. I know it will provide me with good prospects once I graduate.

What do you enjoy about your course?

My course is challenging, and makes me learn and think outside of the box. I enjoy the different lecture styles and the fact that my lecturers are supportive and always welcome my questions.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

I would recommend my course to anyone looking for a challenge. It will definitely support or have an influence on your future career. When I graduate I’d like to enter a more design-based occupation as I enjoy computer drawings and using other relevant software for the creation of products.

What do you enjoy the most about being a student at Loughborough?

I love studying on a green campus. It’s so beautiful. The support from lecturers and other staff members is also great. 

Have you got any advice for students who might go through Clearing this year?

In certain subject areas it can be quite competitive to get in at Loughborough University. Once you’ve made up your mind to go through Clearing, make sure you put yourself into action by calling and emailing. Be proactive.

Also, don’t forget to amend your personal statement if you change your course and have it ready for the Clearing process. Once all the places are filled, they are filled – so you’ve got to be ready and quick!