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Centenary Lecture Series

April 28, 2009

The campus is dead: Long live the campus

Professor Peter Jamieson
The University of Melbourne

Predictions of the death of the campus abound. Higher fees and challenging financial circumstances force many students to spend less time on campus as participation in university life gives way to other priorities. International students find it hard to engage with the local students, whilst others simply want to gain a qualification expediently and without involvement in any kind of 'academic community'. The pervasive role of Information Technology changes institutional practices and reduces the need for students to attend the campus.

In this context, what does it mean 'to learn' on the university campus in the 21st century? Many campuses fail to live up to the high aspirations of institutional mission statements due to decades of financial neglect? Classrooms have changed little over decades and the campus often has little amenity to attract and retain students socially. How can these settings provide suitable learning evironments for the shift to more student-centred, active and collaborative learning?

In this presentation, Associate Professor Peter Jamieson will consider our understanding of the university campus as a learning environment and present examples of what some institutions are doing to rethink the nature of both formal and informal learning environments. At the core of this presentation will be a belief in the university as a distinct and vital place of learning and a call for universities to rethink their own understanding of 'learning' as a pre-requisite for developing the campus as a 21st century learning environment.

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About Professor Peter Jamieson

Associate Professor Peter JamiesonPeter Jamieson is an academic with experience as an educator in secondary schools, vocational education and higher education.  Peter has led a number of educational initiatives in Australia including the use of telecommunications media in distance education.  His Doctorate explored academics' use of video conferencing for cross-campus teaching. For the past 12 years Peter has created new learning environments in higher education.

In the past three years Peter has led the design of new generation learning environments at The University of Melbourne where the most significant change to course structure in any Australian university has recently been undertaken. A key aim of this new 'Melbourne Model' has been the enhancement of the student learning experience and this has entailed the development of new learning environments. 

Peter has extensive experience designing, developing and implementing formal classrooms and informal learning environments at many universities nationally and internationally.  His approach draws on the pedagogical research into student learning in higher education.  In particular, he promotes a collaborative approach to the design process which involves a range of institutional stakeholders.  As a result, he has been invited to conduct professional development workshops and presentations on his design process, and the environments he has created, at universities nationally and internationally. 

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