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Alumni Advisory Board Elections 2018

This year there are five positions available on the Alumni Advisory Board. Alumni have nominated themselves to sit on the Board for a term of three years, starting on 1 September 2018. Voting is open from 3-20 August 2018.

A message from the Alumni Association President

Dr. Paul Drummond, Alumni Association President. Dr. Paul Drummond, Alumni Association President.

"The Alumni Advisory Board is looking to recruit five new members. We are looking to welcome members who have a wealth of skills and experience and great passion for Loughborough University to join the Board.

We are actively working to extend our outreach and are looking at ways in which we can bring our alumni together wherever they are living and working across the globe.

We aim to be a world class Alumni Association that supports and enhances a world class University and Students' Union. 

Candidates will be willing to give time to support the Alumni Association and the University through volunteering and by sharing their expertise, skills and network.

Good luck to our shortlisted applicants in the election."

What is the Alumni Advisory Board?

The Alumni Advisory Board is made up of 15 representatives from our graduate community around the world.

This group is democratically elected by our alumni population and work on your behalf to help the University to improve the services which are provided to all members of the wider alumni community.

Meet the current members of the Alumni Advisory Board.

What are the responsibilities of the Alumni Advisory Board?

The Board works in an advisory capacity, helping to shape the alumni programmes and leverage support from our graduates, whilst contributing to current University activities and initiatives. 

Board members are some of Loughborough’s strongest advocates, promoting the work it does and the reputation of the University within their own network of friends, colleagues and business associates.

They seek to engage with the University and fellow alumni in areas where they can give their expertise, provide employment opportunities to students, be advocates of the University and become donors and sponsors.

For full details of roles and responsibilities, please see the 'Four key areas of work'.

Four key areas of work

Four key areas of work

There are four key areas of work for the Alumni Advisory Board. Find out more about the areas of work and the roles and responsibilities involved in being part of the Alumni Advisory Board.


Our alumni and members of the Alumni Advisory Board are amongst our most passionate supporters. We need them to:

  • Advance the reputation and interests of the University through positive articulation of the institution within their spheres of influence
  • Contribute to the positive international public profile of the University
  • Contribute to the positive online profile of the University

In order to fulfil this role they need:

  • To feel positive about their time at the University
  • To be informed about the University today – its successes, strengths and future direction


Many of our alumni and members of the Alumni Advisory Board are qualified, experienced professionals working a range of industries and sectors across the world. They can help us by:

  • Providing expert advice on given areas of their expertise to the University
  • Offering case study material or guest lectures to enhance teaching
  • Offering guidance and support when entering new markets, territories or industries
  • Giving or facilitating careers advice or mentoring to prospective and current students and alumni 

In order to fulfil this role they need:

  • To know that their expertise is highly valued and we would like alumni to contribute their knowledge and skills
  • A clear indication of where help is needed and how they can engage


Our alumni and members of the Alumni Advisory Board hold significant positions within industry and are very well placed to:

  • Offer careers guidance and employment opportunities to students
  • Broker introductions with, for example, their employers, governments and other affiliated organisations
  • Support student recruitment both at home and overseas
  • Give industrial placements or internships to current students

In order to fulfil this role they need to:

  • Know how employers can become involved with the University
  • Have satisfied themselves of the quality of Loughborough graduates generally, and any specific individuals in particular

Donors and Sponsors:

Our alumni and members of the Alumni Advisory Board give back to the University by supporting it financially and in-kind by:

  • Donating to the University in their lifetime, leaving a legacy and peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Sponsoring sport, research, enterprise, student projects, courses or consultancy
  • Taking part in focus groups for new communications materials, fundraising activities or alumni services

In order to fulfil this role they need to:

  • Know how single, regular, small and large donations can make a difference to their University now and in the future.
  • Know the value in sponsoring the University and the benefits that they can yield
  • Receive clear feedback on the difference their gift has made


Voting is now open and the profiles of our shortlisted candidates are available online.

All voting will take place through a password-protected webpage and alumni will be permitted one vote only.

Voting will close at 10am on 20 August 2018 and our newly elected members will be announced on 31 August 2018, ready to begin office on 1 September 2018.


The Alumni Association and Alumni Advisory Board operate according to the Alumni Association Constitution and a Terms of Reference.

You can view these in the PDF documents below. 

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