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Important changes to alumni Google Services & Email for life

The University is making a number of changes to all Google services for alumni including alumni email accounts. In particular this will mean that @alumni.lboro.ac.uk email accounts will be unavailable from December 2017.

This is necessary because of changes being made to the way IT systems are being managed. The University is moving to a Cloud based solution provided by Microsoft. This change follows a university-wide consultation in 2015 that considered the needs of the University and the changing digital landscape. An alternative service is not available as part of this change.

Further information and advice is available in the following FAQ section.


When will this happen?

Closure of Alumni Google services will occur on 1st December 2017. Formal notification of this will be delivered to your email account in due course.

Who will be affected?

All alumni who are using Google services with email accounts ending in @alumni.lboro.ac.uk.

What will happen to my emails when the services are withdrawn?

All emails will be permanently deleted upon account closure.

How can I make sure I don’t lose all my emails?

You will need to forward any emails you want to keep to an alternative (personal) email address before 1 December.

What other steps do I need to take?

You should notify frequent senders of relevant emails that you are changing email address and advise them to update their records accordingly.

What and when was consultation carried out about the changes to the services?

Consultation was undertaken with key stakeholders, the Alumni Association, staff & students between Spring and Autumn 2015. The implications of this move on alumni was given due consideration during the consultation.

Can I automatically forward future emails sent to the @alumni.lboro.ac.uk to my personal email account?

Services like automatic forwarding only work while an account remains open, so unfortunately @alumni.lboro.ac.uk emails cannot be forwarded to personal email accounts.

Will any accounts previously associated with my email for life address be permanently deleted?

Online sites that require an email account registration will notice that your email in ‘bouncing back’ and may terminate your account. We suggest you update all online accounts that are registered using your alumni email address i.e. social media, journals and online subscriptions, etc. It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience.

TIP: In the search bar of your email inbox, type in your alumni email address and it will give you some websites that you are signed up to.

What about data in other Google services?

Important data on these services should be removed however individual services, such as Google Drive, can be moved between a University Google account and a personal Google account. For more information on doing this, please visit the Google account help

What about data I’m sharing?

Upon closure of the services you will no longer be able to access or share data. You should take steps to ensure you, or those you are sharing with, still have access to important information.

How can I take copies or back up my data?

Step by step instructions are available on the Google support forum.

Is it possible to pay to keep my email account open?

It is not possible to pay the University to keep your email account open on the University domain. Please contact Google for more information on whether it is possible to pay to maintain the content of your account whilst potentially changing your domain name.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar for undergraduate students and alumni users will cease on 1 December 2017.

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