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Science Faculty Board

Constitution and Powers of the Faculty Board

  1. Constitution of the Faculty Board: Regulation X
  2. Functions of the Board
  3. Dean's Action

A.  Constitution of the Faculty Board: Regulation X

  1. Senate shall determine for the purposes of this Regulation to which Faculty each Academic Department of the University shall be assigned.
  2. The Board of each Faculty shall consist of:

Ex-officio Members

  1. The Vice-Chancellor.
  2. The Dean of the Faculty who shall be Chair of the Board.
  3. The Heads of the Academic Departments of the Faculty.
  4. The Associate Deans of the Faculty
  5. The Faculty's student representative on Senate, as prescribed by Statute XIV para 1 (iii) (c).

Appointed Member

  1. One student of the University, normally from the Faculty, appointed by the Students' Union Council such that one of the two student members of the Faculty Board, either the appointed member or the Faculty's student representative on Senate, shall be a postgraduate.

Elected Members

  1. Members of the Academic Staff elected by their own number within the Academic Departments of the Faculty. One member shall be elected for every eight members of the Academic Staff excluding ex officio members of the Board as specified in paragraphs 2(ii), 2(iii) or 2(iv) of this Regulation, except that each Department in a Faculty shall be entitled to elect at least one member of the Board and no Department in a Faculty shall be entitled to elect more than three members of the Board.

Co-opted Members

  1. Not more than eight members of General Assembly of whom not more than three shall be drawn from amongst staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty.

3.i.   Ex-officio members shall hold office only so long as they continue to occupy the positions by virtue of which they became members.

3.ii.   Appointed members shall hold office for a period of one year and shall be eligible for re-appointment once only subject to the provisions of paragraph 2(vi).

3.iii.   Elected members shall hold office for not more than three years and shall normally retire on 31 July next following the second anniversary of their election. They shall not be eligible to serve for a further period as elected members of the same Board until the expiration of one year from the end of a previous term of office in a similar capacity.

3.iv.   Co-opted members shall hold office until 31 July following their co-option and shall be eligible for further co-option.

4.   No person except the Vice-Chancellor shall be a member of more than two Faculty Boards.

(remade November 1998)

B.  Functions of the Board

1.   The functions of the Board are defined in Statute XVI:-

2.   The Board of each Faculty shall have the following functions:

  1. To advise and report to the Senate on all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching and research in the subjects of the Faculty including curricula and examinations.

  2. To consider the progress and conduct of Students in the Faculty and to report to the Senate thereon.

  3. To recommend to the Senate examiners for appointment.

  4. To deal with any matter which may be referred to it by the Senate.

C.  Dean's Action

  1. The Deans and Associate Deans are authorised as a matter of routine to take action on behalf of the Boards of Studies in the majority of matters affecting individual students requiring action at Board level, on the understanding that they will refer any problem cases to the Board for discussion and decision. Action taken by the Dean will be reported to the Board at the next meeting. Such matters include:
    1. approval of non-standard qualifications for admission to postgraduate study.
    2. research registrations.
    3. changes in registration arrangements.
    4. notice of intention to submit a thesis.
    5. appointment of examiners for theses.
    6. abandonment of studies.
    7. special undergraduate admissions.

October 2002
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