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Science Faculty Board

Membership 2005/06

Position Member
Committee Secretary Mrs Miranda Routledge
Vice-Chancellor: Professor Shirley Pearce
Dean of the Faculty and Chair: Professor Ken Parsons
Associate Dean (Research): Professor Phil Page
Associate Dean (Teaching):
Dr Martin Harrison
Heads of the Academic Departments: Professor Paul Chung
Professor Jon Binner
Professor John Feather
Professor Roger Haslam
Professor Feo Kusmartsev
Professor Chris Linton
Professor Peter Warwick
Faculty's Student representative on Senate: Vacancy
Students' Union appointee: Mr Liam McGuire
Elected Departmental Representatives
Members of the academic staff elected by the academic staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty: Dr Helmut Bez (CO) 2008
Dr Katherine Brooke -Wavel (HU) 2006
Dr Steve Brown (HU) 2006
Dr Holger Dullin (MA) 2008
Professor Roy Faulker (MP) 2008
Professor George Havenith (HU) 2006
Dr Tom Jackson (IS) 2008
Dr Roger Mortimer (CM) 2008
Ian R Murray (IS) 2006
Dr Iain Phillips (CO) 2008
Dr Gareth Pritchard (CM) 2008
Professor Clive Pugh (MA) 2007
Dr Gerry Swallowe (PH) 2008
Dr John Terry (MA) 2008
Co-opted Members
Not more than eight members of the General Assembly of whom not more than three shall be drawn from amongst staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty: Dr Tony Croft
Peter Lund
Dr Les Mustoe
John Richardson
Professor Sameer Singh