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Science Faculty Board

Membership 2004/05

Position Member
Committee Secretary M T Whyte
Vice-Chancellor: Professor D J Wallace
Dean of the Faculty and Chair: Professor K C Parsons
Associate Dean (Research): Professor P C B Page
Associate Dean (Teaching):
Dr M Harrison
Heads of the Academic Departments: Professor P W H Chung
Professor J P Feather
J F Harper
Professor R A Haslam
Professor F V Kusmartsev
Professor C M Linton
Professor P Warwick
Faculty's Student representative on Senate: Vacancy
Students' Union appointee: M Squelch
Elected Departmental Representatives
Members of the academic staff elected by the academic staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty: Dr K S F Brooke-Wavell (HU) 2006
Dr S D Brown (HU) 2006
R J Dawson (CO) 2005
Professor R H J Grimshaw (MA) 2005
J Harrison (IS) 2005
Dr G Havenith 2006
Dr S N B Hodgson (MP) 2005
Professor R S Kalawsky (CO) 2007
Dr A Kay (MA) 2005
Dr P A Lawson (CO) 2005
Professor V McKee (CM) 2005
I R Murray (IS) 2006
Dr K U Neuman (PH) 2006
Professor A C Pugh (MA) 2007
Dr D R Worrall (CM) 2005
Co-opted Members
Not more than eight members of the General Assembly of whom not more than three shall be drawn from amongst staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty: Dr A C Croft
P Lund
Dr L R Mustoe
Dr W G Salt