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Information Services Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To keep under review the University's strategy in the area of information services and information technology, and the extent to which it is implemented, in light of overall institutional objectives.
  • To recommend, to the Resources and Planning Committee and Council, policy in this area, including the balance of central, faculty and departmental provision of information services.
  • To receive from the Division of Information Services and Systems a catalogue of the major ongoing and planned information based projects within the University and to consider recommendations and reports from these projects.
  • To approve the Division of Information Services and Systems three year rolling strategic plan encompassing the annual budget.
  • To receive and consider reports from 

the Corporate Information Systems user Group
The Data Protection Advisory Group
the Faculty Information Technology Group
the Freedom of Information and Records Management Advisory Group
the Library Users' Committee
the Media Services Users' Committee
the Web Action Group

  • To ensure that effective channels of communication exist between the information services and members of the University.
  • To report to the Resources and Planning Committee after each meeting.

revised October 2004