General Assembly






Minutes of the meeting of General Assembly held on 27 February 2008



Present: 23 members signed the attendance list.


1. Minutes

The Minutes of General Assembly held on 14 March 2007 were accepted as a true record.


2. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


3. Vice-Chancellor’s Report

The Vice-Chancellor reported on the University Strategy moving towards 2016, which had been submitted to Court in February 2007 and on which significant progress has already been made.


It was noted that there had been significant restructuring of the Senior Management Team and the appointment of Will Spinks as Chief Operating Officer in particular was welcomed.


The Vice-Chancellor noted the following expanded job titles: Vice-Chancellor and President, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost. This would enable greater recognition of these roles overseas and was also in recognition of a gradual adjustment of roles.


The University had continued to move forward on its Internationalisation Strategy and Professor Chris Backhouse had been appointed as Director of Internationalisation. The recent Times Higher Award for ‘Outstanding Support for International Students’ was recognition of the work being carried out by the University in this area, however it was noted that there was still work to be done.


The Vice-Chancellor then reported on the Advancement strategy and noted the need to raise the profile of the institution and increase philanthropic fund raising. It was reported that Ron Gray had been appointed Director of Alumni and External Relations. The recent announcement that Loughborough would host the Energy Technologies Institute was welcomed as raising the University profile.


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor continued the report with a review of Research developments. It was noted that there had been a significant increase in academic appointments which had increased PhD supervision. There had been a 93.8% submission for 2008 RAE which marked a significant increase on the previous exercise. With regards to teaching and learning it was noted that the University had maintained excellent league positions. The importance of Enterprise was noted and it was reported that Peter Winter had been appointed Director of Enterprise.


With regards to allocation of resources the need for this to take place in line with the strategy was highlighted. It was noted that History had been confirmed as a new degree programme and that the University was also considering introducing Pharmacy.


Investment continues in the implementation of both the LUSI and Agresso systems, with additional resources also being allocated to the Sports Development Centre and Estates as the 2012 Olympic Games approach. It was reported that a development plan had been agreed for the East Park.


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor then noted the decision taken by the British Olympic Association that Team Great Britain would be hosted by Aldershot in the lead up to the 2012 London Olympic Games. This was a disappointment, however presented opportunities for Loughborough to host an overseas big medal winning team.


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor concluded his report with a look at the focus for 2008. The need for continued excellence in the areas of Research, Teaching and Learning and Enterprise was stressed. It was noted that good progress had been made in ensuring services across the University were working together. It was also noted that a Director of IT had been appointed and that a Director of HR was in the process of being appointed, the details of which will be announced shortly.


In response to a question about Internationalisation, the Vice-Chancellor noted that the success of this strategy would be measured through the quality and quantity of institutional partnerships overseas as well as the greater range of opportunities being taken by Loughborough students with international companies.


4. University Financial Position

The Acting Director of Finance presented the University’s current financial position.


It was reported that the Financial Statements for 2006/07 were now available on the University website


These statements show that Income had risen by 11% for the period, with student Tuition Fees being the biggest area of growth. It was noted that income from Research Grants had declined from 2005/06.


Expenditure for 2006/07 was up by 9.9million on 2005/06. This was due largely to the additional investment in real estate. Staff costs also continue to increase.


A healthy surplus of 6.6 million was reported which met the targets as set by Council.


A subdued budget was presented to Council for 2007/08 with a predicted 3% surplas.


The Vice-Chancellor expressed her gratitude to Paula Powditch for undertaking the role of Acting Director of Finance. This gratitude was shared by General Assembly



5. Any Other Business

There were no other items of business.


6. Date of Next Meeting

To be confirmed.





Author: M Lister

Date: 20th March 2008

Copyright Loughborough University.