General Assembly





The Fifty-ninth meeting of General Assembly will take place on WEDNESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 1999 at 4.00 pm in room J.00.1 Edward Herbert Building.

D L Wolfe , Secretary




1. Membership

To note the agreement of the Privy Council that part-time staff on appropriate grades should be members of General Assembly

2. Minutes


To confirm and sign, subject to any correction, the Minutes of the Fifty-eighth meeting of General Assembly on 24 February 1999.

3. Matters Arising from the minutes not appearing elsewhere on the Agenda

4. Vice-Chancellorís Report

To receive a report from the Vice-Chancellor on current matters.

5. Appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Deans and Associate Deans


To consider a paper from the Bursar.

6. Timetable for Elections to Senate


To consider a paper.

7. Any Other Business

Any items of Other Business should be notified to the Secretary by Midday on Tuesday 28 September 1999.

8. Date of next meeting

15 March 2000

Author - Mr D L Wolfe
Date - 21 September 1999
Copyright (c) Loughborough University. All rights reserved.