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General Assembly



The Fifty-seventh (Ordinary) meeting of General Assembly will take place on WEDNESDAY 27 MAY 1998 at 4.00 pm in room CC.0.11 James France Building.

D L Wolfe, Secretary


1. Minutes

To confirm and sign, subject to any correction, the Minutes of the Fifty-sixth meeting of General Assembly on 30 April 1997.

2. Matters Arising from the minutes not appearing elsewhere on the Agenda

3. Vice-Chancellor's Report

To receive a report from the Vice-Chancellor on current matters, to include

4. Estates Strategy

Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor to speak.

5. Support Services Review

Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor to speak.

6. Fixed Term Contracts

To receive and consider the following motion, proposed by Natalie Fenton and seconded by Andrew Hedgecock.

General Assembly notes that it is Loughborough University policy not to have any HEFCE funded lecturing posts on fixed term contracts. This policy has been frequently ignored and casualisation is becoming more and more commonplace. Fixed term contracts seriously damage career progression, create great insecurity and erode academic freedom. This reduces not just the quality of higher education (HE) employment but also the quality of HE teaching, research and administration. This meeting calls on the University to a) implement its stated policy and b) develop policy to reduce the number of staff on fixed term contracts and limit the future use of such contracts. This resolution should be forwarded to Senate and Council for implementation.

7. Research Funding

To receive and consider the following motion, proposed by Professor James Horne and seconded by Professor Ernest Edmonds:-

General Assembly notes that the University is introducing a new model for the apportionment of overheads, and seeks reassurance that this will act as an incentive to those people managing research grants and contracts.

8. Any Other Business

Any other business should be notified to the Secretary not later than midday on Tuesday 26 May 1998.

9. Date of next meeting

To be arranged.

Author - Mr D L Wolfe

Date - 20 May 1998

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