Committee Papers

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2007 Papers

  • ENG07-P1a, ENG07-P1b, ENG07-P1c - Changes to Ordinance XV: Study Leave
  • ENG07-P2a, ENG07-P2b - Periodic Programme Review - Civil and Building Engineering March 2007
  • ENG07-P3 - Proposed review mechanism for research degree programmes (from AD(R)'s Report)
  • ENG07-P4 - Annual Programme Reviews 2006/07 (from AD(T)'s Report)
  • ENG07-P5 - Award of Research Degrees (not available on the web)
  • ENG07-P6 - Actions of the AD(T)
  • ENG07-P7a, ENG07-P7b - Constititution and Powers of the Board
  • ENG07-P8 - Departmental Administrators' workload issues (not available on the web)
  • ENG07-P9 - Proposed review mechanisms for research degree programmes and the monitoring of research student progress (from the AD(R)'s Report)
  • ENG07-P10a, ENG07-P10b, ENG07-P10c - Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)
  • ENG07-P11a, ENG07-P11b - Recruitment (from the AD(T)'s Report)
  • ENG07-P12 - engCETL update (from the AD(T)'s Report)
  • ENG07-P13 - E-Learning strategy and implementation
  • ENG07-P14a, ENG07-P14b, ENG07-P14c - Science and Engineering Foundation Programmes
  • ENG07-P15 - Award of Research Degrees (not available on the web)
  • ENG07-P16 - Membership of the Board
  • ENG07-P17 - Representation on other Committees

To obtain any of the above papers that are not available on the web, please contact the Learning Policy Support Office in the first instance (tel 2479).