Membership 2008-09

Position Member
Committee Secretary Ms M Kennedy

Professor Shirley Pearce

Dean of the Faculty and Chair: Professor Steve Rothberg
Associate Dean (Research): Professor David Parish
Associate Dean (Teaching): Professor John Dickens
Heads of the Academic Departments: Professor Rob Parkin
Professor Chris Rielly
Professor Richard Stobart
Professor Tony Thorpe
Professor Yiannis Vardaxoglou
Faculty's Student representative on Senate: Mr Edwin Bowden-Peters
Students' Union appointee: Miss Christina Zhang
Elected Departmental Representatives:
Members of the full-time academic staff elected by the full-time academic staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty : Dr Lisa Bartlett
(Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering)
Mr Paul Cunningham (Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering) 2011
Dr James Flint (Electronic and Electrical) 2010
Dr Matt Frost (Civil and Building Engineering) 2011
Dr Danish Malik (Chemical Engineering) 2010
Mr Julian Mackenzie (Civil and Building Engineering) 2009
Dr Zoly Nagy (Chemical Engineering) 2011
Mr Mohamed Osmani (Civil and Building Engineering) 2010
Dr Jon Petzing
(Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
Dr Paul Rowley (Electronic and Electrical Engineering) 2009
Dr Andrew Stapley
(Chemical Engineering)
Mr Tony Sutton (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering) 2011
Dr Stephen Walsh
(Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering)
Co-opted Members: Staff
Not more than eight members of the General Assembly of whom not more than three shall be drawn from amongst staff of the Academic Departments of the Faculty:
Dr Adam Crawford 2009
Dr Sandie Dann 2009
Ms Elizabeth Gadd (jobshare with Mrs McKeating) 2009
Dr Jane Horner 2009
Mrs Stephanie McKeating (jobshare with Ms Gadd) 2009
Dr Carol Robinson 2009
Dr Dave Twigg 2009
Co-opted Members: Students
Registered postgraduate research students (as agreed by Senate in June 2007) Mr Matt Gibson, Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 2009
Observer: Wg Cdr Angela Hawley 2009