John Guest Phillips Travelling Scholarship

Brief Report By Paul Holland

The Scholarship partially funded a journey to Irkutsk in Siberia, where I engaged in collaborative research on the nearby Lake Baikal with colleagues at the Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The trip was a particularly momentous experience for me as my research project is based on numerical modelling of the currents in Lake Baikal.

While in Irkutsk, I presented a paper at the 5th Workshop on Physical Processes in Natural Waters, which this year was included as a special session of the 3rd Vereshchagin Baikal Conference, an international meeting for Baikal researchers of all disciplines. This interdisciplinary flavour was of enormous benefit to me as it inspired me to begin a model of the complex plankton ecosystem of Lake Baikal.

The remainder of my time in Siberia was spent working with local scientists on the Baikal model which we developed in Loughborough, and gathering vital data (unobtainable in the Western literature) from various local sources. I also took part in an expedition on Lake Baikal and, after two years, finally met the object of my studies.

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Secretary to Prizes Committee
October 2000
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