Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary
Report from Michael Banks
Department of Physics

Michael with friends Castle at Hohenzollern View of buildings and fountain

I used the prize money awarded to me for the Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary to fund a stay in Stuttgart visiting my former colleagues at the Max-Planck-Institute für Feskörperforschung (solid state research) where I had completed a placement year. It was great to go back and see everyone who I had worked closely with for over one year and also to see the developments that had taken on there with experiments and meeting some of the new people working there. I also had the opportunity to go on a “betriebsausflug” (excursion) to a castle nearby(Hohenzollern), it was about one hour away by coach, and three coaches left the institute early, we first went by coach to the castle which included having a tour of the castle, and then went on a long walk, which included a visit to a “atomkeller” museum, which was the place for the research on the atomic project in Germany during the second world war, though it was striking how small it was.

I also had the chance to use some of the money to go to Munich and see some friends who are now based there, that I met while doing my year out. I haven’t been to Munich before so this was a really nice cultural experience, visiting the Olympia park, I have always wanted to go there, and now had the opportunity.

The money awarded covered travel expenses, the flight to Stuttgart and the trip to Munich, as well as the accommodation over the period.


Secretary to Prizes Committee
October 2004
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