School of Sport & Exercise Science

2pm on Saturday afternoon, I arrive at Aberystwyth University to register for the UEFA ĎAí License. I get some very strange looks as I go up to register. Then the lady on the desk tells me how brave I am, Iím the only female on a course of 44 and it all begins to makes sense. I go to my digs, separate from everyone else, and I wonder, have I done the right thing? Iím used to working in a male dominated environment but a residential course with forty three men?

This was the one and only time throughout the rest of the week that I had any doubts. As soon as I met the rest of the coaches on the course I knew that everything was going to be ok. Everyone was so friendly, and it was actually quite nice to be the only woman. Everyone knew who I was, I never had to buy a drink in the bar and I didnít have to queue for a shower after a training session.

The men accepted me and made me feel really welcome. There were coaches there who were ex international players and working in the professional game and others who were coaching at local level. However there were no divisions and everyone mixed in together. The tutors were first class and the delivery of the course was excellent. I learnt a massive amount not only from them but also from the other coaches.

The course was superb, not only did I learn a great deal but I made loads of really good friends. I will never forget the week I spent in Aberystwyth on my ĎAí license and I would like to thank the Loughborough College of Education Commemorative Award for helping to give me this opportunity.

Secretary to Prizes Committee
August 2004
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