John Guest Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Report from Adrian Holland

Wolson School

I used the ‘John Guest Philips Travelling Scholarship’ to attending an International Heat Transfer conference in Las Vegas, USA, between 20th - 23rd July 2003. Organised by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) topics included; combustion, cooling, convection, boiling and radiation. I was particularly interested in the topic ‘Fundamentals of Boiling and Convection’.

At the conference, I presented two papers entitled ‘Optical Diagnostics of Nucleate Boiling from Transparent Heated Surfaces’ and then secondly ‘Nucleate Boiling from Micro-Machined Surfaces’. With approximately 40 people in the audience, the presentations were greeted with interest and praise. During the presentations, I acknowledged the essential support this scholarship has given me.

As well as the obvious excitement of presenting at an international conference for my very first time, there were two other notable highlights to the trip. Firstly, meeting so many people all with the same research interests allowed me to discuss my work at great lengths. People at the conference each came from different research backgrounds and so were able to look at problems and ideas from unique perspectives. Secondly, at the awards dinner I was honoured enough to meet Professor Bankoff who has been an eminent expert in my specific field for the last 40 years. Although I was unable to talk with him for long, he did give me words of encouragement. I was also able to talk with Professor Dhir who also has been working in this field for many years.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the prize committee for awarding me this prestigious scholarship and say how much it has helped me further both my research and myself.

Secretary to Prizes Committee
September  2003
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