Report from Craig Bloomfield

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

I used the money I received from the Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary to fund a trip to the university town of Bayreuth in Northern Bavaria, where I reunited with my three good friends Martin, Stephan and Sebastian. We know each other originally from a mutual exchange year in Finland, but as something of a Germanophile it was great to meet again in their home country.

Enjoying a snack with friends.Bayreuth is a charmingly typical German town, particularly during the summer months (I visited in August) when the famous Wagner Festspiel attracts people from all over to celebrate the musical traditions of the town's most famous son. I myself partook in a few German traditions, namely the fine fayre of wurst, kraut and weissbier! In exchange I took along a small cricket set and my friends became almost certainly the first Germans to play this quintisentially English game in Bayreuth! I hope they will let me back into Germany after that because I would like to return many times….

Secretary to Prizes Committee
October 2002
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