University Prizes awarded 2013-2014


Sir Robert Martin University Prize (£1,500 plus a commemorative medal)

Winner – Alice Thackray, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences


Alice was awarded this prize for her outstanding academic performance as a gifted Post Graduate Research student, as well as being an agenda-setting role model for women in sport.

Sir Robert Martin Achievement Prize (£1,000)

Winner – Kelvin Gomez, School of the Arts

Kelvin was awarded this prize in recognition of chievements as an accomplished individual who has excelled in the disciplines of both sport and design.

Winner – Andrew Johnson, Loughborough Design School

Andrew was awarded this prize in recognition of outstanding academic record, and international recognition for his work.

Ede and Ravenscroft Travelling Scholarship (£500)

Winner – Laura Wintour, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Laura was awarded this scholarship to help fund attendance on a five week Psychology related programme to take place in Sri Lanka.

Winner – Robyn Hastings, School of the Arts (FE - Art Foundation)

Robyn was awarded this scholarship to help fund trips to Jerusalem, Sarajevo, Berlin and Belfast to document the use of graffiti art in communities that have experienced war and dissent as a result of differing religious, cultural and national allegiances.


John Guest Phillips Memorial Travelling Scholarship (two £500 scholarships or one £1,000 scholarship )

Winner – Emily Hofstetter, Department of Social Sciences

Emily was awarded this scholarship to help fund a trip to Canada; during which she will recruit and train the administrative staff of Canadian MPs who will then assist her in the collection of data - to be used in the investigation of personal interactions between these MPs and their constituents.

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Winner – Elena Simone, Department of Chemical Engineering

Elena was awarded this scholarshipto help fund a trip to the USA and enable her to work and interact with the leading researchers in the field of particle technology and industrial pharmacy at Purdue University.

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Loughborough College of Education Commemorative Awards (total of £800)

Winner – Ella Fletcher, Department of Geography.

Ella was made this award for travel to India for ten weeks to participate in a number of sustainable development projects as part of a Government funded project, International Citizens Service.

Winner - Elizabeth Sheridan (Department of Geography) and Rosie Harvey (School of Sports Exercise and Health Sciences)

Elizabeth and Rosie were made this award to fund travel to Mexico in the summer to take part in the ‘Two Birds’ volunteering project. This project works on a collaborative basis to help provide ‘stimulating and enhancing environments’ to children that are either homeless or disabled.

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T S Shipman Prize (up to a total of £800)

Winner – Rebecca Deakin, School of the Arts

Winner - Stephanie Noble, Department of Geography

Winner - Kate Saunders, Loughborough Design School

Winner - Richard Thompson, School of Civil and Building Engineering

Hannah Community Prize (total of £200)

Winner – LSU Community Committee

Winner – Lloyd Smith, Department of Mathematics

Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary (£600)

Winner – Joe Graham, School of the Arts

Joe was made this award to fund a trip to Germany to visit art institutions and connect with staff and students to compare the German and British learning environments for drawing.

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