University Prizes awarded 2007-2008

Sir Robert Martin University Prize (£1,000 plus medallion)

Andrew Ellis and the Vice-Chancellor

Winner – Andrew Ellis, Geography
Andrew was awarded this prize for his outstanding all round performance, including excellent academic achievement; overcoming difficult circumstances and not letting this stand in the way of his exceptional academic achievements; his contribution to the Geography Department as a student representative and an ambassador for departmental open days; assistance given to a hospital in improving and implementing its strategies for supporting patients and for his fund-raising activities.


Sir Robert Martin Faculty Prizes

Engineering (£500)

Winner – Abdou Jallow,  Civil and Building Engineering
Abdou was awarded this prize for the research he has carried out to date, which has received external recognition; his voluntary work with local school children; his part in reviving the University African Caribbean Society and associated charity work and for his involvement with Loughborough Internationalisation.  

Science (£500)

Winner – Aaron Waller, Information Science
Aaron was awarded this prize for showing exemplary courage against adversity; his determination in pursuing his studies, despite continuing health problems and for his positive attitude throughout.

Social Sciences and Humanities (two prizes of £500)

Winner – Pollyanna Powis, Geography
Pollyanna was awarded this prize for her outstanding academic performance, including publication of her research in a referred journal; determination to overcome challenges in her life and for the substantial support which she has provided for others despite significant research commitments.

Winner – Adriana Ionascu, LUSAD
Adriana was awarded this prize for her outstanding performance and for art workshops which she has run for children, young and disadvantaged adults and adults with learning disabilities.

Ede and Ravenscroft Travelling Scholarship (£1,000)

Winner – Gretchen Hanke, Human Sciences
Gretchen was awarded this prize to fund travel to Johannesburg to allow her to undertake a placement working with the Birth to Twenty study at the University of Witwatersrand.
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John Guest Phillips Memorial Travelling Scholarship (two £500 scholarships or one £1,000 scholarship )

Winner – Heema Unadkat, Chemical Engineering
Heema was awarded this prize to support travel to attend the 6th International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Process Industries in Niagra, Canada.

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Winner – Sally Little, Geography
Sally was awarded this prize to support travel costs associated with fieldwork to determine the effects of increasing movement of seawater into river systems in south east England.

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Loughborough College of Education Commemorative Awards (£350)

Winner – Suzanne Bowen, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Suzanne was awarded this prize to help fund the costs of training for the UKCC Level 3 Swimming Coaches Qualification.

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Winner – Rory Smith, Geography
Rory was awarded this prize to implement a series of water safety workshops at a local swimming pool and to assist in the completion of his personal training to become a Royal Lifesaving Society lifesaving instructor.

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T S Shipman Prizes (total of £600)

Winner – Ryan Storr, Geography
Ryan was awarded this prize for his work with the local community, carried out primarily through sporting activities. He was a part of the Students’ Union Sports Action team since his first year and later became Sports Action Coordinator, a role which required him to oversee and run all of the Student Union’s sport-related volunteering opportunities.

Winner – Scott Ferry, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering
Scott was awarded this prize for his considerable voluntary work and his achievements as Project Leader of the Right to Read scheme and in establishing the Number Partners scheme in local schools.

Hannah Community Prize (total of £180)

Winner – Stefan Carney, Politics, International Relations and European Studies
Stefan was awarded this prize for his support for a member of the community who had been diagnosed as having cancer; his voluntary work within the community and for his involvement with a local residents group.

Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary (£500)

Winner – Alistair Humphrys, Wolfson School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Alistair was awarded this prize to travel to Germany to undertake an industrial placement where he will be the only English student taken on a company’s internship programme.

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