Report to the John Guest Phillips Memorial Scholarship.


The John Guest Phillips travelling scholarship allowed me to spend almost two weeks working in the Geomorphology laboratory at the University of Lyon 3.


While there I was able to use data that otherwise I could not access, and benefit from the guidance of several researchers all working in the same area of interest as me. I am registered as a full-time student at the universities of both Loughborough and Lyon 3 and my French supervisor invited me to spend time in the laboratory to progress with work on my thesis. I was also able to meet with people from the University of Lyon 2 and Cemagref (a different National research organisation with a base in Lyon) which helped me learn how to handle one part of the data collected.


My thesis topic concerns the morphological change of a reach of the Drôme river, located in south-east France, and the implications on in-stream habitat. This particular river is comparatively unique when compared to other alpine and piedmont drainage basins in the same region, in that it has not been impounded. The first part of my thesis looks at the evolution of this river since 1928, using the archives of data I was able to access in Lyon.


I am very grateful to the judging committee for providing me with the opportunity to spend time at the laboratory in Lyon. The money awarded was spent on travel and accommodation.


Jules Toone, Department of Geography.