Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary
Report from Julia Karen Grosspietsch
Department of Geography

With the money I received from the Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary, I was able to fund my research activities for my MSc dissertation about the town twinning partnership between the city of Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg, South Germany) and Cardiff.

I used the money to travel to both cities for several days in order to conduct interviews there, which was essential for the success of my work and which would not have been possible without the bursary.

I could also afford to travel to my old university town of Heidelberg to use the library facilities there for my research and to meet with old friends.

Apart from the research in Cardiff, I was also able to reunite with friends and lecturers from the University of Glamorgan, where I had studied in the past, and whom I had not seen for nearly two years.

In Stuttgart I visited friends and family.

Thanks to the Ursula Lockley Travel Bursary I could undertake interesting journeys, and was able to meet people, whose opinions and knowledge were pivotal for my dissertation; and it opened to me new aspects of my studies from which I will benefit enormously in the future.

Vielen lieben Dank!


Secretary to Prizes Committee
December 2005
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