Application for Assessment Flexibility Approval (Religious Observance)

Students at Loughborough University may seek approval for flexibility with their assessments when a religious event beyond the student's control (for example, an event which necessitates participation in collective worship or attendance away from the University) prevents the student from taking the assessment alongside the rest of the student body.

The onus will always remain with the student to contact their School/Department if missed assessment may be a possibility.  The personal responsibilities of the student themselves underpin this policy and the student is under obligation to discuss the possibility of missed assessment with their personal tutor as soon as they are aware it could be a possibility (i.e. prior to publication of the timetable).

This policy also does not cover events which are arranged by the student, their family or friends: e.g. weddings.  Assessments which might be missed due to funerals of close family members or friends should be discussed with the Personal Tutor in the first instance and dealt with under the Impaired Performance procedures.


In the event that a student suspects a religious observance may prevent them student from taking an assessment alongside the rest of the student body then, at the earliest opportunity (i.e. prior to publication of the timetable), the student should contact their Personal Tutor who will advise as to how to initiate this procedure.

Before requesting Assessment Flexibility options, the student is expected to seek special dispensation from their religious leader to fulfil their religious commitments at another time and consequently take the assessment as scheduled.

This process will only be available to students who proactively manage their affairs and submit their requests for consideration in advance of the academic year concerned.

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