Protocol for the conduct of written exams taken overseas by students registered on distance learning modules

  1. It should be possible for departments offering modules by distance learning to assess students by written examination.
  2. If students are based overseas, suitable arrangements must be made for the invigilation of the examination and the secure transmission of papers and scripts. Issues of security consequent upon different time zones should be taken into account. 
  3. The department concerned should take responsibility for making these arrangements. 
  4. Invigilation should normally be organised through British Council offices, or a partner institution, preferably one well known to LU. 
  5. Departments should be permitted to pass on the costs of organising overseas examinations to the students concerned. The total tuition fee for the programme concerned should be set accordingly, otherwise students should be notified that an additional fee will be charged. 
  6. The department concerned should notify the Examinations Office in advance of plans to conduct a written examination outside the UK. Details should be provided of the arrangements proposed for invigilation and security, in time for any concerns to be raised and addressed. The location can then be formally ‘designated by the Academic Registrar as an Examination Hall’ to accord with Regulation VII, para 10. 
  7. The relative weightings of coursework/examination for a given module should be the same for all DL students in the same cohort wherever based, i.e. the weightings should be the same for students taking examinations overseas as for those able to come to Loughborough to take their examinations in the University.

The same protocol could effectively be applied in the case of distance learning students within the UK, if the department did not wish to require them to travel to Loughborough to sit examinations.