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Service Level Statement on the use of the University Optical Mark Reader (OMR) for Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) (Under Review)

The following is a description of the service for internal clients. It is intended for use by Computing Services staff and clients. For summative work the client is normally the Internal Examiner

Procedure for handling CAA forms

Computing Services are offering the OMR system for marking CAA multiple choice as a "while-you-wait" system using the following criteria.

1. The client telephones the Computing Services Information Desk (Information Desk) (Ext. 2320) to arrange a time to run the forms through the OMR. This will normally be within an hour depending on operator availability. The Information Desk opening hours are 9am-5.30pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm Fridays, except for 2pm to 3pm on Thursdays.
2. The client brings the required input to the Information Desk. The operator is called and takes the forms signing for them in the CAA processing book at the Information Desk.
3. The operator on duty will run the CAA work through the reader and process the results.
4. The client will wait at the Information Desk while the work is done.
5. The client will sign the CAA processing book on receiving the processed results printout, original Student Answer Sheets and floppy disk (if required).

The turnaround time for a test should only be a few minutes - the time needed to physically put the sheets through the OMR and for the reports to be printed.

Required Input

For a formative or summative test to be processed the following are required:

1. A complete set of sheets for each test consisting of
A single Batch Header sheet
A single Lecturer Answer sheet
The Student Answer sheets
2. A blank disk to receive the raw data and text file copy of the reports (if required).


For each test processed the following will be produced:

1. A set of paper reports comprising
Student Results by Student Number
Student Results in Alphabetical Order
Student Results Ranked from Lowest to Highest
Student Results in Order of Processing
Full Results Report
Question Analysis and Test Summary report
2. Two files on floppy disk (if required)
Raw data as output by the OMR
Text file version of the paper reports

The system is run purely as a processing service. This means that no data will be retained or archived by Computing Services.
The service is dependent on the availability of OMR equipment.
Computing Services will run a monthly diagnostic test of the OMR equipment.

Feeding Forms through the OMR

Forms should arrive in good condition. Forms which are not in a condition adequate for automatic processing will not be processed. Such forms will be kept separately and delivered with the output to the client.
If forms fail to be read on the first pass up to five attempts will be made. The actual number of attempts is at the discretion of the operator.
Forms which are rejected due to double feeding or wrong orientation will always be resubmitted.
Any urgent problems will be referred to Computing Services Customer Services staff.Other problems will be emailed to the responsible Customer Services staff for logging and consideration.



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