Code of Practice on Use of the Question Mark Perception for Coursework Testing


1. This Code of Practice shall apply where results obtained generate all or part of a coursework mark in a module. At present QMP shall not be utilised for any University Examination.


2. The Internal Examiner (or his/her representative) shall undertake training with the CAA Officer before using the system.


3. The CAA Officer shall provide technical guidelines to enable the Internal Examiner (or his/her representative) to use the system.


4. The Internal Examiner (or his/her representative) shall supply the test files to the CAA Officer at least 1 week in advance of the test date.


5. The CAA Officer shall review the test files and shall inform the Internal Examiner of any technical problems it will present. These should be addressed by the test author before the test is made available to candidates.


6. The Internal Examiner shall be responsible for accuracy of content, spelling, punctuation, presentation and scoring prior to the delivery of the assessment to students. It is recommended that the test is verified by a colleague.


7. The CAA Officer shall test to prove that the assessment is functioning correctly over the campus network.


8. The CAA Officer shall inform Computing Services of the test details if it is to take place in a lab, using agreed procedures.


9. It is the responsibility of the Internal Examiner to ensure that all students will have access to appropriate workstations at times when the test will be available.


10. The Internal Examiner shall cater for the requirements of any students with disabilities or additional needs taking the test after seeking advice from the University Disabilities and Additional Needs Service.


11. The Internal Examiner shall inform candidates prior to the test date what procedure will be followed in the event of a hardware or software failure affecting the scheduled availability or the completion of the test. Back up arrangements should include, as a minimum, a paper copy of the test.


12. All candidates should have the opportunity to become familiar with the testing system before taking the test.


13. On opening a QMP test, all candidates will be informed that it is academic misconduct for any candidate to seek to obtain for himself/herself, or for another, an unfair advantage in any CAA assignment and that the relevant sections of University Assessment Regulations shall apply.


14. The Internal Examiner, through his/her Department, shall be responsible for making any invigilation arrangements deemed necessary.


15. Candidates may attempt a test on one occasion only for the purpose of their module coursework mark. Subsequent attempts may be permitted at the discretion of the Internal Examiner solely to aid the learning process.


16. Impaired performance claims in respect of CAA tests, including missed tests, may be made in accordance with General Regulations.


17. The results shall be processed by the Internal Examiner (or his/her representative) or if requested by the CAA Officer who shall supply the processed results to the Internal Examiner (or his/her representative) in confidence.


18. Feedback on performance in CAA assignments shall be provided to candidates in accordance with the University's Coursework Code of Practice.


November 2007