University Examinations

The Student Records and Examinations Office is responsible for overseeing the University examination process. Please contact the examinations office via the Student Enquiries counter in the Rutland Building.

Preparing for exams and assessment

Exam periods and personalised timetable

Assessment guidance and regulations

Impaired performance

Appeals and Reassessment


Very Important: Use of Calculators in University Examinations

Please read this very carefully

Only calculators on the "Approved list of calculators for use in University examinations" will be permitted in the examinations venues. If you bring a calculator that does not appear on the approved list it will be confiscated by an invigilator and you will not be offered a replacement.

>> View the Approved List of Calculators <<

Examination Codes of Practice

Protocol and Policy Statements

Administrative Service Level Statement

  • to prepare examination timetables;
  • to advise on the interpretation of regulations;
  • to set up and administer the examinations halls;
  • to co-ordinate receipt and distribution of External Examiner's reports, to monitor any action arising from them and to arrange the expeditious payment of fees;
  • to seek to ensure complete accuracy in the preparation of examinations and timetables and papers;
  • to observe conventions relating to the spread of examinations for individual students;
  • to ensure that all relevant colleagues are consulted and subsequently informed about examinations arrangements.