S31: Law enforcement


  • Applies to information that “would or would be likely to prejudice” the purpose of law enforcement, taxation, and various other types of regulatory activity;
  • Qualified exemption, therefore consideration of the public interest test is required;
  • Duty to confirm or deny does not apply if this would in fact disclose the exempt information;
  • Closely related to exemption s30, information may be exempt if disclosure would be likely to prejudice:
    • the prevention or detection of crime;
    • the operation of immigration controls;
    • the exercise of ascertaining whether any person is guilty of inproper conduct or breaking the law;
    • ascertaining a person’s fitness or competence in relation to that person’s profession;
    • protecting persons (other than at work against risk to health and safety in connection with the actions of persons at work);
    • determining the cause of an accident or protecting or recovering charities or its properties;
  • It is likely that there will be increased pressure for the release of information relating to disasters / large investigations that were previously covered in some detail by the media. The balance of the public interest will be tested.

Sources of further information

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