S30: Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities


  • Information is exempt if :
      • it has been held at any time for the purposes of any investigation into whether a person/legal body should be charged with an offence, or is guilty of it;
      • it was obtained or recorded during an investigation by the University for the purposes of ascertaining whether a person is guilty of an offence;
      • it was obtained from confidential sources.
  • Qualified exemption therefore consideration of the public interest test is required, (however it is not necessary to demonstrate that disclosure of the information would cause prejudice, unlike exemption s31);
  • Duty to confirm or deny does not apply if this would in fact disclose exempt information;
  • The exemption covers information held at any time, and thus would include information describing an investigation that had been completed.
  • It is likely that there will be increased pressure for the release of information relating to disasters / large investigations that were previously covered in some detail by the media. The balance of the public interest will be tested.

Sources of further information

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