Student Behaviour and Discipline

The behaviour of the vast majority of Loughborough students is exemplary - they are responsible and considerate, and their conduct helps to maintain the good reputation of the University and its positive relationship with the local community. However, the University has rules on student discipline, to deal with the small number of occasions when behaviour falls short of expectations. These are contained primarily in Ordinance XVII, but there are also provisions in the Charter and Statutes, and in other Ordinances and Regulations.

The University requires all students to conduct themselves in a way which is honest and peaceable at all times, both on and off campus, and may take disciplinary action against students whose behaviour improperly interferes with the functioning or activities of the University or those who work and study in it. It may also take action in relation to student misbehaviour which affects members of the local community, and/or which damages the standing of the institution.

A large proportion of disciplinary offences dealt with by the University are committed by students under the influence of alcohol. However, the University’s disciplinary system makes no allowance for this, and the consumption of alcohol will not be considered to be a mitigating factor.

Further Information

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