2005/2006 Programme Specifications

From here you can access the programme specifications for 2005/2006 in Microsoft Word format. To view a programme specification select the link in the programmes award column.


Programme Name

MSc Advanced Engineering
MSc Advanced Methods in Aeronautical Engineering
MSc Advanced Process Engineering
BEng Aeronautical Engineering
MEng Aeronautical Engineering
MSc Aerosystems Engineering
BSc Air Transport Management
BSc Applied Design (Product Performance & Safety)
BSc Architectural Engineering & Design Management
BEng Automotive Engineering
MEng Automotive Engineering
BEng Automotive Materials
MEng Automotive Materials
MSc Automotive Systems Engineering
MSc Banking & Finance
MA Banking & Financial Markets
MSc Batch Processing Engineering
MSc Building Services Engineering
BSc Business Economics & Finance
BEng Chemical Engineering
MEng Chemical Engineering
BEng Chemical Engineering w Environmental Protection
MEng Chemical Engineering w Management
MEng Chemical Engineering w Professional Development
MSc Chemical Product Design
BSc - MChem Chemical Sciences
MSc Chemical Sciences
BSc Chemistry & Information Technology**
BSc Chemistry & Sports Science
BEng Civil Engineering
MEng Civil Engineering
MSc Coaching (DL)
MSc Coaching
BSc Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying
BSc Communication & Media Studies
MEng Computer Network & Internet Engineering
BSc-MComp Computer Science & E-Business
BSc-MComp Computer Science
BEng Computer Systems Engineering
MEng Computer Systems Engineering
BSc Computing & Management
BSc Construction Engineering Management
MSc Construction Innovation & Management (PT)
MSc Construction Management
MSc Construction Project Management
MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice
BSc Criminology & Social Policy
EngD Curriculum Based Component (Civil Engineering)
MSc Digital Communication Systems
BA Drama
BA Drama w English
MA Early Modern Writing, 1560-1780
MSc Economics & Finance, Financial Economics, International Finance & Economics, Monetary Economics
BSc Economics
Diploma Economics
BSc Economics w Accounting
BSc Economics w French
BSc Economics w Geography
BSc Economics w German
BSc Economics w Politics
BSc Economics w Social Policy
BSc Economics w Sociology
BSc Economics w Spanish
MEng Electrical & Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
BEng Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering
MEng Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering
BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering
MEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering
MSc Electronic Publishing
MEng Electronics & Software Engineering
MSc Engineering Design & Manufacture
MSc Engineering Design
MSc Engineering Innovation & Management (PT)
MSc Engineering Management
BSc Engineering Physics
BA English (02&03 entry)
BA English (2004 entry)
BA English (2005 entry onwards)
BA English & Sports Science (02&03 entry)
BA English & Sports Science (2004 entry)
BA English & the History of Art & Design (02&03 entry)
BA English & the History of Art & Design (2004 entry onwards)
BA English (PT) (01,02&03 entry)
BA English (PT) (2004 entry onwards)
BA English w North American Literature & Film (02&03 entry)
BA English w North American Literature & Film (2004 entry)
BA English (PT) (01&02&03 entry)
BA English (PT) 2004 entry)
MSc Environmental Dynamics - Monitoring, Evaluation & Management
MSc Environmental Studies
MSc Ergonomics & Human Factors
BSc Ergonomics
BA European & International Studies
MSc European & International Studies
MSc Exercise Physiology
MSc Financial Globalization
BSc Geography & Management
BSc Geography & Sport & Leisure Management
BSc Geography & Sports Science
BSc Geography
BSc Geography with Economics
MSc Global Transformations
MSc Human Geography Research
BSc Human Biology
BSc Industrial Design & Packaging Technology
BA-BSc Industrial Design & Technology
BA-BSc Industrial Design & Technology w Education
MA-MSc-MDes Industrial Design
MSc Industrial Mathematical Modelling
MSc Information & Knowledge Management
MA Information & Library Management
BSc Information Management & Business Studies
BSc Information Management & Computing
BSc Information Science
MSc Information Technology
MEng Innovative Manufacturing Engineering
MSc International Banking
BSc International Economics
BA International Relations
MSc International Relations
MSc International Relations of the EU
MA Making Performance & Multi Media Texts
BEng Manufacturing Engineering & Management
MSc Manufacturing Management
BEng Materials & Management Studies
BEng Materials Engineering
MEng Materials Engineering
MSc Materials for Industry
MSc Mathematical Processes in the Environment - Finance - Biology
BSc Mathematics & Accounting & Financial Management
BSc Mathematics & Computing
BSc Mathematics & Management
BSc Mathematics
MMath Mathematics
BSc Mathematics w Economics
BEng Mechanical Engineering
MEng Mechanical Engineering
MSc Mechatronics
MA Media & Cultural Analysis
MSc Mobile Communications
MA Modern & Contemporary Writing
MA Money, Banking & Finance
MSc Multimedia & Internet Computing
MSc Networked Communications
MSc Pharmaceutical Engineering
MSc Physical Activity & Health
MSc Physical Education
BSc Physics & Computing
BSc Physics & Management
BSc Physics & Mathematics
MPhys Physics & Mathematics
MPhys Physics
BA Politics w minor
MSc Polymer Technology
BSc Process Technology & Mangement
BEng Product Design & Manufacture
MEng Product Design & Manufacture
BSc Psychology
BSc Psychology w Ergonomics
BA Publishing w English
MSc Renewable Energy (European Masters)
MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology
MSc Research Methods (EIS)
MSc Research Studies (in Physics)
MSc Risk & Reliability
Science Science & Engineering Foundation Studies
Science Science & Engineering Foundation Studies (International)
BSc Social Policy & Social Issues
BSc Social Psychology
MSc Social Research (Social Science)
BSc Sociology
MSc Sociology of Sport
MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology
MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition
BSc Sport & Exercise Science
BSc Sport & Leisure Management
MSc Sport & Leisure Management
MSc Sports Biomechanics
MSc Sports Nutrition (DL)
BSc Sports Science & Mathematics
BSc Sports Science & Physics
BSc Sports Science & Social Science
MSc Sports Science
BSc Sports Science w Management
BSc Sports Technology
BEng Systems Engineering
MEng Systems Engineering
MA Texts in Performance
MSc Transatlantic Relations
BSc Transport & Business Management
BSc Transport Management & Planning
MSc Transport Policy & Business Management
MSc Urban Environmental Engineering
MSc Water & Environmental Management
MSc Water & Environmental Management (DL)
MSc Water & Waste Engineering
MSc Water & Waste Engineering (DL)
MEng Wireless Communications Engineering