Student Village Project

Elite Athlete Centre & Hotel

Artists' impression of the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

The first of its kind in the UK, the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel will provide 44 four star bedroom facilities.

Providing an ideal environment for team training camps for all athletes both disability and able bodied. The centre coupled with the sporting facility options on campus will be unparalleled in the UK.  

The individual bedrooms are all designed to be flexible by having large doorways, moveable furniture and will include wet rooms to be accessible for any elite athlete. In addition, twenty rooms will have the capacity to adjust climatic altitude conditions up to 5000m, enabling athletes to sleep high and train low without the need to leave the country, helping to enhance performance capability.

Due for completion in September 2018, the centre and hotel will also support the complex dietary requirements of athletes. A specialist nutrition room will be provided with the ability to deliver up to 150 covers per sitting to allow whole team training camps to be accommodated along with our resident athletes. In addition the nutrition room and kitchen will also educate athletes in nutrition showing them how to prepare meals and stay healthy.

The rest and relaxation needs of athletes on-site will also be covered. A specifically designed room will allow both guests and resident athletes to recover between and after training sessions.

Whilst The Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel is designed with the top athlete in mind, others guests will be able to take advantage of the facilities on offer. They will appeal to a range of sporting levels as well as organisations looking for team building activities inspired by the unique sporting environment that elite athletes pass through.

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